Nucare Innovation

Direct to PCR Extractionless SwiftCollect Collection Device

Take advantage of efficiencies TODAY with our SwiftCollect devices designed to
work with Respiratory, STI, UTI, CT/NG/TV, Woman’s Health and Wound. Free up
Technician time, reduce your Turn Around Time by up to 50%, reduce or eliminate
expensive equipment, and SAVE MONEY EACH TEST!

Tangilbe Savings

Save Materials Every Sample

Reagents Saved

$15 / Sample
Standard savings opportunity
Up to $72 / sample for extended STI.

Plastics Saved

$1.00 / Sample
Standard savings opportunity

Soft Saving/Advantages

Reduction in processing time from up to 1 hr 30 minutes
No expensive extraction equipment, reducing maintenance fees, maintenance logs, service plans, technician training
Sample transfer time and transfer errors reduced at an 8:1 ratio
Technician fatigue reduction from reduced manual transference
Increased sample tracking accuracy by removing individual sample transference, tracking in blocks of 8 versus 1
Reduction in storage space needed with a smaller footprint

Collection Site Advantages

Sample storage at room temp post collection reducing the need for sample refrigeration, and refrigerated shipping/transfer
Logistics savings with a smaller footprint
Uniform storage conditions pre and post-collection, Covid, FluVid, and RPP
Reduces transport container size and number needed