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Diagnostic testing is one of the most important tools for Medical Providers and outsourcing laboratory services costs you control and revenue. By bringing advanced and routine laboratory services in-house increases patient care, gets results to Providers faster, increases employee engagement and leadership KPI’s, and increases revenue significantly when done right. With over $1 billion in diagnostic charges managed by nuCARE, you can trust you have the right laboratory team!


Compliance is our number one priority. We work with you to implement the correct measures and make certain your lab is compliant with both local and federal regulations.

Licensing & Application Process

Our team assists in the application process for CLIA/COLA registration to help streamline the process and avoid any potential hurdles to become certified and accredited.

Equipment Selection and Procurement Services

Our procurement team will implement the right equipment and instruments for your space.

End to End Lab Management

We have streamlined a full service solution to bring molecular PCR testing in house at your facility.


We can help or fully execute your staffing needs to find and place staff and technicians for your lab.

Full Test Validation

We can validate all the tests for your lab including: infectious disease, clinical chemistry, toxicology, PGx, and COVID-19.

Did you know ?

Over 70% of all healthcare decisions are based upon a diagnostic test result. Experts estimate that each year in the United States between 40,000 to 80,000 deaths occur due to preventable diagnostic errors.


nuCARE Medical Solutions is here to meet your team’s needs and we are ready to exceed your expectations.  If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out at your convenience.

  • We treat our clients with respect & attention.
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