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If you’re new to the lab space or are looking for ways to improve your facility, our full concierge team is here to operate your lab.

We can work with your facility to build your own high complexity molecular laboratory with more than clinical chemistry testing to bring in more revenue and increase the quality of care and patient experience.

Your Missing Out On A Huge Revenue Stream

Compliantly and effectively capture revenue that is going to outsourced labs.

Maintain Compliance

Minimize Risk

Increase Quality of Care

Maximize Revenue

Roughly 1,800 individuals living in nursing facilities die from falls in any given year.

Each new patient can qualify for a pharma test which allows your facility to:

>Prevent the guesswork by knowing the patents medical needs

>Ensure all medications being taken are appropriate for their phenotype

>Increase quality of patient stay

>Decrease medication profile & reduce medication errors

Prevent the guesswork with pharmacogenetic testing

Reasons to have an inhouse lab for Senior Care Facilities:

>Reduce turnover & bed holds

>Less slips and falls

>Increased quality of patient stay

>Decrease patient discharges by getting quicker test result turnaround times

>Increase revenue for your facility

Happy female caretaker assisting senior man in using Zimmer frame at nursing home yard

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