The Nursing Home Industry Dilemma?

Increased Demand and Oversight are driving lower margins.

Bring diagnostic testing in house to increase your Profits.

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nuCARE's streamlined turnkey process enables your facility to capture untapped revenue.

We have pioneered a process from build-out to billing that minimizes risk and virtually eliminates upfront CapEx costs.

nuCARE provide a full service solution for your testing needs, handling the whole process from lab design and execution, to operations and billing. We can build out your lab in as little as 60 days, and get your organization running with a scalable operation and profits out of the gate.

Your'e Missing Out On A Huge Revenue Stream

Compliantly and effectively capture revenue that is going to outsourced labs.

Maintain Compliance

Minimize Risk

Increase Quality of Care

Maximize Revenue

clinical chemistry testing

You own it. We run it.

Big Benefit: Receive up to $1 million dollars of eligible equipment purchases, which may be claimed as a tax right off under Tax code 179*.

*We are not financial advisors. Please consult with your own financial advisor to see if this works for you.

Experience Matters.

End to End lab management services provided to your organization by a team of laboratory build-out experts

Successful labs are run by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. nuCARE is lead by Kyle Koeppler who has served as a Laboratory Executive for over 10 years. Kyle has compiled a great track record for minimizing costs and increasing profit margins for laboratories across the country.  nuCARE offers fullymanaged and co-managed lab services from initial setup and validations to business operations and billing. Our team of experts offer flexible and tailored solutions that fits your facilities needs and requirements.

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